Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay Another World GuesthouseArugam Bay is situated on the South East of Sri Lanka and is known internationally for great surf and beautiful landscapes surrounding the town. Many people call Arugam Bay, A-bay, much like Jeffery’s Bay is called J-Bay in South Africa. There are 6 main surf breaks in and around Arugam Bay. These surf breaks are all fun and loooong right point breaks.

For surfers just beginning, right in town there is a perfect wave that many people call ‘baby point’. These (typically) small waves are ideal for anyone learning or anyone looking to have a good time longboarding. For those more experienced surfers, it is definitely worth it to surf at what is known as ‘main point’. Main point is a fun, right point break that is know for it’s speedy inside sections and long rides with a big swell. It is a fun wave, but only suitable for experienced surfers.

Beyond the fun surf and beach life here in Arugam Bay, there are expansive areas of untouched wildlife and religious centers. It is very likely that during your time here in Arugam Bay you will spot: elephants, peacocks, monkeys, several exotic birds, sea turtles, and even crocodiles!

The area that makes up Arugam Bay and the surrounding environment is truly impressive. There is always something to explore, whether it be a new beach that you have yet to see, or an adventure in one of the nature reserves close by; Arugam Bay is diverse and beautiful.

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